P4 Governance

The P4 Open Source Programming Language is governed by the Technical Steering Team, Chief Architect, and the P4 Directed Fund Governing Board under the Linux Foundation. Governance of the P4 project fosters openness and technical meritocracy.

Our P4 Charter lists our goals, principles, governance structure, and election procedures.

P4 Charter

Governance of the P4 project is intended to foster openness and technical meritocracy.

P4 Technical Steering Team (TST)

The TST oversees the P4 project and is responsible for all technical decisions.

Andy Fingerhut
Nate Foster
Cornell University
Larry Peterson
Princeton University
Fabian Ruffy
New York University
Steffen Smolka
Hari Thantry

Just for Fun

Staring Vint Cerf and Nick McKeown