Hackathon: P4 on Raspberry PI for Networking Education
August 26th | 1:30pm – 6:00pm

Call for Participation!

P4Pi is a low cost, open source hardware platform intended for teaching and research purposes. P4Pi enables designing and deploying P4-based network devices using the Raspberry Pi board. By setting a target price tag of less than an academic book (under $100), P4Pi aims to enable a large number of academic institutes to provide hands-on experience in networking education. Furthermore, as P4Pi is based on the popular Raspberry PI platform, it appeals to other communities such as hobbyists and does not depend on a single-source provider.

P4Pi is developed as part of the P4 Education Workgroup activities. The team aims to provide both educators and practitioners the knowledge and tools required to use P4Pi in class and at home, including tutorials, sample code, tools and community support.

This hackathon aims to bring together members of the networking community for the following goals: (i) introduce P4Pi to networking researchers and educators, enable them to get started with the platform and practice its use in lab-like environment. (ii) develop more teaching and supporting materials for the P4Pi ecosystem. (iii) enable researchers from all levels of expertise to develop P4Pi-based concepts and early-stage projects, and to stimulate collaborations between new users.

Check out all the details here!

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